Testimonial use of second hand equipment

There are always people who are hesitant to buy used, refurbished equipment. If it is not because their budget is big enough to buy new equipment or because they have enough time to wait for more equipment with long delivery times (8 to 12 weeks or more) they think that second-hand equipment cannot have the same quality as new equipment. For more than 5 years we have been offering second hand equipment to universities, colleges and pharmaceutical companies. We have already sold to various countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, the United States, Ireland, South Africa, Estonia, Poland, etc. We have some testimonials from past customers who have ordered used equipment. Due to GDPR, we are not allowed to disclose the full name and institution. If you want references please contact us and we will ask our customers if we can share their contacts with you.

Do you give a guarantee on devices?

The condition of the devices is always known by the buyer based on the available information communicated by Life Science Equipment. We give no guarantees on second-hand devices.

Can you also offer equipment installations?

Sometims we can offer equipment installations in the Benelux. To make an offer for this, there will always be a site visit first. Based on the site visit we can send you an offer.

We have products we would like to sell. Do you buy these?

We are always interested in goods that are still in good condition and in accordance with the law. We always ask for the available technical data, images and possibly the maintenance certificates if these are available.

Can installed goods be validated?

We can have devices installed by us validated by external companies. It is always discussed in advance what needs to be validated and what the costs are.

Is delivery included in our prices?

Transport prices are always communicated separately. These costs depend on the destination and quantity of goods ordered.

We are looking for certain products that are not on your site

Do you wish to expand the existing facility with current cages or specific type of IVC? You can send us an email with the quantity and type of product you are looking for and we will contact our network.

Do we have to arrange transport of purchased goods ourselves?

We can offer you prices from our warehouse in Belgium or prices including delivery. You are free to organize the transport yourself. The transport costs are calculated separately.

Do you buy all products?

No, products must be in good condition and free of "contamination". We do not purchase products that do not comply with the European housing standard for animals, unless at scrap price if these products consist of precious metals such as iron or stainless steel.

How does it work if you buy products from us?

After receiving the available information about your products, we contact some potential customers and check if there are any open questions for your offered products. Afterwards we will contact you again to conclude a possible purchase.

How are the products packaged for transport?

The products are always packed with cardboard and shrink-wrap to protect them during transport. Cages are packed on pallets of 120x80 cm.